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Body Fat Calculator

A simple Progressive Web App for calculate (or more precisely, estimate) the body fat percentage of bodies.

Vue Bootstrap JavaScript CSS PWA

A simple Computer Assisted Translation tool for translate plain text files, with help of automatic translation services.

Electron NodeJS JavaScript AngularJS Bootstrap

A web application for take attendance using mobile devices.

PHP Slim Framework ActiveRecord JavaScript AngularJS Bootstrap PostgreSQL

An Android app that allows you to take pictures as if the world were made of neon lights.

Java Android BoofCV

A simple telemarketing HTML5 application, that allows to keep track of the calls that you made to your clients or contacts.

JavaScript AngularJS Foundation TaffyDB
Just To Do

An easy and simple way of use and manage to do lists. Just write it and then do it!

Java Android CouchBase
Histrix Calculator

A JavaScript calculator with the same functionalities that the classic calculator from Windows XP / Windows Vista.

JavaScript Apache Cordova jQuery jQuery Mobile

Libraries and plugins


A library of web widgets implemented with SVG, using D3.js.

JavaScript D3.js

An Android library, developed with Java, which implements a simple and easy to use file chooser.

Java Android

An AngularJS directive that implements date pickers using combo boxes.

JavaScript AngularJS

A React component that implements date pickers using combo boxes.

JavaScript React ES6
Simple Spellchecker

A spellchecker module for Node.js, that allows to check if a word is misspelled and to get spelling suggestions.

JavaScript Node.js Electron Mocha Chai

A javascript library that lets you create jigsaw puzzles in your web pages.

JavaScript jQuery

A jQuery plugin that allows to define a behaviour in which a HTML element moves, within the boundaries of an imaginary eye, in order to follow the mouse.

JavaScript jQuery

A jQuery plugin that allows to define animations whose reproduction depends on the position of the vertical scroll.

JavaScript jQuery

A lightweight javascript library which provides the functionality for visually connect elements in a web page.

JavaScript jQuery


Levenshtein Challenge

A HTML5 game in which you must calculate the edit distance between two words. The more you guess, more points you get!

JavaScript Apache Cordova Angular Bootstrap
Wind-up RPS

A HTML5 game in which you defeat a group of (not very smart) AI powered enemies.

JavaScript Phaser Apache Cordova
Flappy Clone

A copy of the classic Flappy Bird game, decorated with an Star Wars theme.

JavaScript Phaser HTML5
Dodge Survival

A simple game implemented with Godot (by following the official docs).

GDScript Godot
Landscape Sliding Puzzles

A classic sliding puzzle game. You can play using a selection of beautiful landscapes or using images from your computer.

JavaScript jQuery
Landscape Jigsaw Puzzles

A classic jigsaw puzzle game. You can play using a selection of beautiful landscapes or using images from your computer.

JavaScript jQuery


Flutter Melange

A proof-of-concept mobile and web application developed with Flutter.

Flutter Dart
Chrome Extension Popurri

A proof-of-concept Chrome Extension developed with Webpack and Svelte.

Svelte JavaScript Webpack Bulma

A simple technique for generate content (for websites or PDF files) that can't we crawled by bots or copied using the clipboard.

Web Fonts Comparator

A simple PWA for compare web fonts (in particular, the fonts that are considered safe for web use).

JavaScript Angular jQuery Bootstrap PWA

A sample web application (developed with Java EE and Java Server Faces) that allows user to manage a list of contacts.

Java JSF Bootstrap SQLite

A Contact REST API, developed as an example for learning how to develop RESTful web services using Java and JAX-RS.

Java Jersey ORMLite Gson MySQL

A simple stopwatch, developed as a sample application for learn how to develop HTML5 apps for Firefox OS.

JavaScript AngularJS OnsenUI

An address book application, developed as a sample for developers which want to learn how to code HTML5 apps.

JavaScript AngularJS React Bootstrap PouchDB
Simple REST

A web application, developed as a sample for developers which want to learn how to code REST APIs.

Python JavaScript Flask CherryPy NodeJS Express
Lobo plugins

A collections of plugins for the content management system Wolf CMS ('Robots.txt', 'Sitemaps XML' and 'NicEdit for Wolf').

Python-Fu samples

A package that contains 12 scripts, developed using Python and GIMP 2.8, to serve as code samples of Python-Fu scripting.

Python GIMP
Grunt vs Gulp

A sample project that allows to compare Gulp and Grunt for executing simple tasks.

JavaScript Grunt Gulp